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in american families. tonight, one in 50 schoolchildren in america has a form of autism. the government survey is much higher than the previous estimate, 1 in 88. so what is happening? and also tonight, another small part of the puzzle. does it have anything to do with parents and grandfathers? abc's chief medical editor, dr. richard besser, on the clues. >> reporter: and now another clue into a possible cause of autism -- grandfather's age. researchers in sweden have found that the older a grandfather was when he had children, the more likely those children would be to have children with autism. for fathers the risk went up 1.8 times. for mothers, the risk went up 1.7 times. it's already known that one piece of the puzzle of autism is the age of the father. starting at age 30. take ray siegel. >> let's figure out if there is a genetic factor. >> reporter: his sons both have autism with different kinds of struggles, from reading to social interaction. moms pass on very few mutations. dads pass on 25 new mutations at age 20, increasing to 65 mutations at age 40 and so on. the more mutations, th
never to run for office again. >> let's all hope for a much cleaner government. the best for santa clara county. it's a sad day when a supervisor come hz in and pleads guilty to 12 crimes. >> there is a surprise, his
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2